NCR Trail : hiking : biking : jogging : horseback riding : Baltimore County
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North Central Railroad Trail
is a " hiking - biking " trail that runs through the upper reaches of Northern Baltimore County in Maryland. There is also alot of horseback riding, but not much south of White Hall. In the winter months you can also go cross country skiing. It is a very popular destinaton in the Spring/Summer/Fall months. So popular in fact, that it is sometimes difficult to find access due to limited parking.

This website is meant to be an "on-line" guide to all the access points and ammenities on the trail. The "Virtual Map" will show you where these points are as well as being a photographic exploration of this most beautiful countryside.Almost all the photographs are taken by me, John Carter, (any others will be noted as such) and anybody is welcome to use these photographs as they please. I would only ask for a "credit" in any publication where they may be used. If you would like any of the large, original, digital files (for printing) I will provide them to you for a nominal charge.(email me at: "" ) Much of this photography is meant as "documentary" only. As I collect more, many of these images will be replaced.

I welcome any input from anybody that has historical information/photographs on the Railroad and the land it runs through. I will also be glad to publish photos from other photographers (within reason) of the trail and surroundings. Eventually, I would like to have a annual photography contest of the best images submitted.

Enjoy your daytrip and please remember to take your trash with you! Also, most of the trail is surrounded by private land. You courtesy is greatly appreciated.


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NCR Trail : hiking : biking : jogging : horseback riding : Baltimore County